#Wominspiration: Books & Movies that Inspired me in 2015

    1. Lean In: The book that changed my life. I never loved a book like I loved this one. Sheryl Sandberg reminded me of my dreams and ambitions and her words gave me such a massive push to go out there and realize my true potential. It was almost as if for all these years, I had thought about certain things and at just the perfect moment this book came along and put my thoughts into words. Something changed inside me and it was all because of this honest-to-god book. This one should be a bible for all working women.


    2. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: I had heard the name Maya Angelou a lot, specially when I was working at a publishing house. It was almost a sin not having read one of her books. In 2015, I finally did it. And there was no going back. Her indomitable spirit shines through on each page of this book. And the title, oh the title of this magical paperback! It is enough to remind me that I must use every moment of my life to soar in the sky and chase my dreams. An autobiographical account, it is an achingly beautiful story of resiliance, of being Black, of being a woman.


    3. The Intern: If breaking stereotypes is your thing, watch. this. movie. Starring Anne Hathway as a young and budding entrepreneur, it is the story of the unusual seventy-something year old intern, played by Robert De Niro and the relationship that fosters between them. Anne Hathway’s character is forever breaking the stereotype of the typical woman – she is a fierce businesswoman and her husband takes care of her daughter at home. He attends the PTA meetings, he bakes the cookies for the school fairs, he has an affair.  I’ve almost given too much away, but there are so many lessons to be learnt here that I almost jumped from my seat shouting ‘Ámen!’ one too many times while watching this film.


    4. Own It: This book is an account of real women in real work places and their stories of tiny betrayals, discrimination on a daily basis. It brings to light the very real phenomenon of workplace gender inequality in the Indian context. A bit like women getting together to indulge in some male-bashing, I sometimes felt like I was part of a ‘working woman’s kitty party’ – but I’m not complaining  😉


    5. Queen: Kangana Ranaut’s Queen ticked all the boxes for me, but my favourite takeaway was the comraderie between Rani and her new-found friend in Amsterdam, Vijaylakshmi. There’s a sense of being comfortable in your skin, being non-judgemental and liberation. Her internal transformation, the music which sounds like the metamorphosis of a butterfly – the movie leaves you with such a happy feeling, even when there’s no ‘happy ending’, though it is the best kind of love story. One that has only one protaganist!