Smart Snacking

We have all done this at some time or the other: taken a post-lunch nap on our classroom desks or in office. Those few minutes of sleep are the most relaxing, but it takes us a while to focus on our work and the result is an unproductive, sleepy second-half at work. Ever wondered why we feel so sleepy after a good meal? Simple: you’re either eating the wrong food, or too much food!


This time, CU at the Table with smart snacking – food that doesn’t make you dull, but light and active.


Here are foods to avoid:


  1. Rich, oily, fried.


After a huge plate of chholebhature, you can set yourself up for a perfect Sunday snooze. But if  you’re looking to be alert, read and study something, stay away from that bhatura! Instead, stick to your regular roti, or two tablespoons of rice and some chickpeas (more gravy and less chhole), and you should be good to go.


  1. Rice


There are few things that give such pleasure, and for me rice is one of them. Avoid rice at lunch time, and if you really must, restrict the quantity. Don’t overindulge and stick to two tablespoons only. Choose steamed rice over fried. Fill up on salad and yogurt instead.


  1. Maida or flour


While wheat flour is perfectly healthy, maida is the flour most fatty things are made of: pizzas, bread, pasta, noodles, cakes. It can really mess up the digestive system as it is difficult to digest.


Choose wheat flour or even rice over maida. However, if you really can’t avoid it, restrict quantity. For example, out for pizza with friends? Pick a thin crust pizza and eat 2-3 slices. Fill up on lemonade and salad. This kind of food is perfect if you want to feel lethargic and dull.


  1. Potato chips & fries


No matter what the ads say, no matter what the packet says about ‘no trans fat’ etc., potato chips are the unhealthiest of man’s creations. The problem is that they are so widely available, you simply can’t escape them. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that you can’t even have just one potato chip … which is why we need to always keep alternatives ready!


Corn salad:


Step 1: Empty a packet of frozen corn into a microwavable bowl


Step 2: Chop finely, one tomato, one onion, and half capsicum – if you like it


Step 3: Add all chopped veggies, a pinch of salt, chaat masala and a pat of butter into the corn. Microwave for two minutes.


Step 4: Mix it up. Add a squeeze of lemon. Enjoy a quick evening snack!


Mur murachaat:


Step 1: In a deep saucepan, put a little oil and let it heat.


Step 2: Add sesame seeds and few leaves of kadhipata. (stay away from the kadhai to avoid the oil splatters!)

Step 3: Once the seeds have popped, add the packet of store-bought murmura on low heat.


Step 4: Add salt and mix well. When the murmuras have turned crunchy, turn off the heat


and enjoy!