5 Things Girls in Their Twenties Talk About

Yes, there was a time when a lot of our conversations revolved around boys – who they were and where to find them. However, when you’re in the second half of your twenties (hurts to say it), there’s so much more to talk about.


  1. Careers: if you’re lucky, by now you kind of know where you see yourself career-wise in the next couple of years. A talk about career goals and the possible way ahead is a great way to get clarity about where you’re going, and often how far you’ve come. Our dreams and aspirations take centre stage. We often ask each other tough questions we forget to ask ourselves. Are you happy? What’s next for you (and I’m not talking marriage and babies only)? We may have parents who support our career choices but don’t fully understand what we do…that’s where besties come in as sisters and advisors. 
  2. Office politics: If you haven’t bitched about your boss with your BFF yet, you’re on the wrong side of twenty for sure. Whether you are in a creative field and she is a hardcore  scientific, scientist person – here’s a topic straight after our hearts. When you didn’t get the credit you deserved or that man got promoted because he is a man… this one can get our hormones raging! 
  3. Bucket lists and resolutions: Body shaming talk is all well and good, but when two women get together, they still make loud promises to get started on that fitness regime. We debate yoga vs gym vs Bollywood dance classes. This celebrity diet vs that one, this skin care product vs another. We like to take care of ourselves and each other. At least we like to talk about this constant need to work on a better version of ourselves – physically and mentally. 
  4.  Boys & Men: Yes, boys still figure in the conversation, albeit at number four. At twenty-six, we usually talk about the ghosts of boyfriends past. You may find us stalking certain someones on Facebook after our third, maybe fourth glass of wine. We talk about mistakes made and resolve to never make them again. We talk about where to find the elusive  species, this mystical creature – the perfect man. And we have bouts of deep cynicism (often between the fourth and fifth glass of wine) wherein we confess that, like the yeti and the bigfoot, the perfect man does not exist. 
  5. Marriage & Children: Now that the society and the uncles and aunties of the world have decided what lies ahead of us, we spend considerable time on these topics. There are a lot of sighs and f-words that fly about the room, and I have even seen a glass or two break when the topic arises. While some wonder why the big M is such a big deal, others slouch their shoulders under the burden of daughter-in-lawish duties and world that seems to derive more pleasure in their act of copulation than the married couple themselves. Words like commitment, live in, domesticity are debated and usually resolved when a decadent chocolate dessert presents itself. And then one of us makes an orgasmic sound while enjoying the cake and we’re no longer worried about the Mr & Mrs of it all. It’s time to crack some cheap jokes and giggle like crazy with your girls.