Be a Maker

“I want to be a maker.” We didn’t know how to react when my four-year- old niece exclaimed her future plans. “Did she mean ‘baker’?” my hopeful heart began to sing. “Not sure,” my sister said. Either way, I thought ‘Maker’ was a great thing to want to be.

Brands and advertising giants tell us to be “leaders” and “doers” but all they really want from us is to “make”. “Make in India”. My wise-little niece, had hit the nail on its head and it got me really excited about the idea of making and creating. I sat by and observed what I had made today … I got up early so I had made extra time for myself, I made a delicious and filling breakfast smoothie, I made the bed and I made a list of things to do for the day.

There is an innate joy in creating something. In Hinduism, we glorify the holy trinity – Brahma Vishnu Mahesh – the creator, the preserver, the destroyer. Each of us plays a part in these three activities, but I think one of the three qualities predominates in us. As my niece decided, she is more Brahma than Mahesh, perhaps. If you find joy in creating something new – making new friends, baking, entrepreneurship, then you may well be a little Brahma! Though here’s a significant point for all creative people – Saraswati and Brahma go hand-in- hand. While Brahma is creative will, Saraswati is intelligence that executes the will. Which tells me the journey of Maker to Creator is aided by knowledge and execution!

Creativity is of all kinds. Some find it in technology, like Sabir Bhatia (the founder of Hotmail), some explore it in the kitchen and yet others reach their creative potential as artists and sculptors. But being a maker isn’t determined by the profession you choose to be in. Make where you are – make happy, make dreams into reality, make leaders, make, make, make.

The Maker Makes

The Maker Makes

On that note, let’s all become makers with this incredibly healthy and wholesome fruit smoothie:

In one glass of cold milk (or half glass homemade curd), add the following:
1. Fruits
1/2 banana
1 slice mango
1, 2 Peaches
1, 2 Plums
1/2 Apple or pear
1 Mausumbi or Orange
2. Nuts
1 Walnut
Or 5 Almonds(soaked overnight and peeled)
3. Seeds
Chia or flax seeds (1/2 tsp)
Sunflower or pumpkin seeds (1tsp)
After adding these three to milk/curds, churn it in a mixie or smoothie-maker
*Nom nom*